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Skills & Interests

- Interpersonal Communication
- Adaptability
- Organization
- The Outdoors
- Fitness & Health
- Thrifting

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Hannah Horst

Group Marketing Coordinator

At LEB, I began my journey as a Group Marketing Coordinator in October 2023, bringing my passion for connection-building and problem-solving to the forefront. My primary role involves supporting our agents by promptly addressing inquiries, crafting tailored proposals, and ensuring seamless communication with our valued clients, both new and existing.

My career trajectory started in Human Resources following my graduation from UW-Whitewater, where I earned a BBA in Human Resources Management. Over 1.5 years, I honed my skills as a Human Resources Coordinator before transitioning to the role of Campus Intern Recruiter, where I relished the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and facilitate growth opportunities.

It was this dedication to fostering relationships and overcoming obstacles that drew me to LEB Insurance. Here, I continue to thrive on making impactful contributions and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Outside of the office, I'm an avid enthusiast of various hobbies. Whether I'm immersed in a good book, breaking a sweat at a workout class, communing with nature during a camping trip, or simply enjoying quality time with loved ones, I embrace life's adventures with enthusiasm. I'm always eager to explore new cuisines and experiences, adding vibrant layers to my ever-evolving journey.

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