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Skills & Interests

- Data Analysis
- Problem-Solving
- Corraling My Two Toddlers
- Bingeing Audiobooks
- Long Road Trips
- Video Game Preservation

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Eric Leb

Commissions Director

In 2019, I had the privilege of joining the esteemed team at LEB Insurance Group, assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer. In this capacity, I oversee the management of finances and the commission department, ensuring the accuracy of the company's financial reports and generating commission reports.

My journey into the insurance realm started after completing a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science at Baruch College in Manhattan, NY. Prior to my tenure at LEB Insurance Group, I gained valuable experience working with insurance while serving as a pharmacy technician dealing with prescription insurance.

Outside of my professional responsibilities, I prioritize maintaining an active lifestyle and experimenting with new healthy recipes. One of my cherished pastimes involves embarking on annual cross-country road trips, allowing me to reconnect with friends and create lasting memories along the way.

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