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Open Enrollment is Almost Here! Get Prepared Now.

Updated: Jun 25

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What is the Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period?

The Open Enrollment Period for the Health Insurance Marketplace is the annual window during which individuals have the opportunity to enroll in, apply for, or renew their health insurance plans. Enrollment runs annually from November 1, 2024, through February 15th, 2025.

  1. Enroll by December 15 for coverage that starts on January 1.

  2. Enroll by January 15 for coverage that starts on February 1.

Getting a Health Insurance Marketplace Plan

Here are the 5 simple steps for getting coverage during Open Enrollment:

  1. Review your current coverage and decide what you need in 2025

  2. Compare options with a licensed health insurance agent

  3. Pick the best plan for your situation and budget

  4. Complete the enrollment process by or before February 15, 2025

  5. Pay your first premium to the insurance company for your coverage to start

Why Health Insurance Is Important

Nobody anticipates falling ill or encountering injuries, yet nearly everyone requires medical assistance at some point. Health insurance serves as a financial safety net, encompassing not only these necessary medical expenses but also offering a range of invaluable benefits.

  1. Health insurance provides coverage for essential health services

  2. It safeguards against the burden of unforeseen, costly medical bills

  3. You benefit from reduced expenses with in-network services

  4. Preventative care, like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups, is covered for free


Looking for personalized solutions?

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UPDATED 04/15/2024


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